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Stotz Feinmechanik Schulungen

MSM-Basic Training

  •     General operation of MSM
  •     Interface description
  •     Checking/changing calibration values
  •     Creating backup
  •     Simple program creation

Program Designer Training

  • General Introduction to Program Designer
  • Installation and Licensing
  • Structure
  • Interface and Integrated Tools
  • Project Structure
  • Program Structure –
  • Creating New Projects
  • Modifying and Customizing Existing Projects –
  • Troubleshooting and Error Analysis
  • Data Backup

SPC-M Basic Training

  • Program selection
  • Feature parameters
  • Setting master parameters
  • Data export (if available)
  • Delete measured values
  • Scan parameters (e.g. positions for dynamic measurements)
  • Create backup copy

Maintenance Training

  • Function test of the STOTZ measuring stations/measuring devices
  • Check measuring pressure, correction if necessary
  • Checking the transducers
  • Checking the measuring transducers
  • Checking the float holders
  • Checking the slides, roller bearings and guideways
  • Checking the ejector and hold-down device
  • Checking the position of the initiators
  • Checking the calibration position